Aikyam Matrix Synapse Challenge : Optimizing for Element X client

Aikyam Matrix Synapse Challenge : Optimizing for Element X client

Greetings, Matrix Enthusiasts!

At Aikyam, we're committed to advancing the frontiers of secure and private messaging technology. Our self-hosted Matrix Synapse server is currently operating seamlessly with popular clients like Element and FluffyChat.

However, we've encountered a compatibility challenge with the new Element X client.

We believe in the power of community collaboration, and that's why we're opening up this challenge to the public. We invite Matrix enthusiasts to contribute their expertise in configuring Matrix Synapse to work optimally with Element X.

Challenge Details:

  1. Objective: Configure Matrix Synapse for optimal performance with the Element X client.
  2. Platform: Selfhosted in our Digital Ocean server
  3. Current Status: Synapse server operational, working with popular clients like Element and FluffyChat (
  4. Target Client: Element X : Configure Sliding Sync in current matrix server (details)

How to Participate:

  1. Join: Join the whatsapp group by clicking the apply button below.
  2. Submission: If you have a solution or configuration guide, submit it in the group before the deadline on Nov 30
  3. Collaborate: Interested in collaborating? Connect with others who have registered and form a team.


  1. All contributors will be credited for their valuable input.

This challenge isn't just about solving a technical puzzle, it's about pushing the boundaries of open communication.

We're excited to see the innovative solutions our community will come up with. Together, we can enhance Matrix for the benefit of all users.

Stay connected,

Aikyam Fellows

Last Date : 2023-11-30