Making technology accessible to change makers.

We ❤️ changemakers and the extraordinary work they do to serve vulnerable communities. aikyam fellows help grassroots & small NGOs across India use technology confidently & effortlessly to amplify their impact

Featured Solutions

Change makers are using technology especially Free & Open Source Software (FOSS) to amplify their impact

Improved Discoverability & Visibility of Social Impact

Zenith works to empower marginalised communities in the socio-legal space. Aikyam Fellows supported Zenith with a ZERO cost website using Github pages. This helps them showcase their work and reach out to donors, volunteers. Read more

Online Community Where NGOs Help Each Other

Guidestar India is using Discourse to build an online community where their 10,000+ NGO partners could seek and give help on various topics, with tagged and searchable posts. Read more

Improved Market Visibility for Products by Tribal Farmers

Bastar Se Bazaar Tak works among tribal farmers, sourcing non-timber forest produce and converting these into high-quality products for urban consumers. Aikyam Fellows used Github Pages to create a website to market and popularise their products. Read more

Global Online Forum for Change-Makers

Tamuku is using Discourse on Amazon Web Services to build a vibrant online community that would collaborate on sharing knowledge and resources. Aikyam fellows helped them with the setup and thinking through different aspects of community needs. Read more

Change maker voices

"Thank you for the prompt implementation of discourse forum! We are quite excited and are exploring the various features. Thanks to you and all the amazing folks who are making this tech available for changemakers to collaborate!"

Pushpa Aman
Founder, GuideStar India

"Collaborating with Aikyam Fellows has been a game changer for us. Their exceptional guidance in leveraging technology for systems change has not only streamlined our operations but also amplified our impact."

Satyam Vyas
Founder, Climate Asia & Arthan Careers

"Thank you so much, Aikyam Fellows. The website looks very clean and professional. Grateful for the efforts!"

Saanchi X
Co-Founder, TYCIA Foundation

Aikyam Fellows

Megha Jibhakate

Aikyam Fellow '23

Coming from Lobhi village in Maharashtra to Kerala, Megha, who completed the residential professional growth program from Sajhe Sapne loves making a difference in people's lives through coding.

▶ My Journey | LinkedIn


Aikyam Fellow '23

A finance graduate, baker, home gardener from Kozhikode, Kerala, Aysha's keen interest in technology led her to becoming a certified Frappe developer.

▶ My Journey | LinkedIn

Sona George

Aikyam Fellow '23

A commerce graduate specialized in Computer Applications, Sona's community building skills helps bring people together, foster connections.

▶ My Journey | LinkedIn

Jinso Raj

Aikyam Fellow '23

Full stack developer with interest in automation & DevOps, and an enthusiast of free and open-source software (FOSS), Jinso is a certified Frappe developer.

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So, Change makers + FOSS + tech talent = greater impact?

Yes, Aikyam Fellowship is on a mission to create an abundance of tech talent for the social sector. We are able to do this because:

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Non Profit Organizations, Social Enterprises, Government keen to use technology meaningfully to amplify their impact

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Abundance of high quality Low Code/No Code (FOSS) Free and Open Source Software that can be leveraged

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Talented young people who want to work with change makers but lack of training, career path for it.

What is Aikyam Fellowship?

A 12 month program in Kochi (Kerala) for young talented people to find meaningful careers in technology for social good. aikyam fellows are passionate about helping grassroots and small NGOs with technology and creating positive impact for vulnerable communities. Includes monthly scholarship of up to INR 20,000 and assured job that will help impactful NGOs across different locations in India. After completion, fellows will also to get ongoing guidance through peer networking, mentoring from alumni.

How? The Aikyam Fellowship Journey from Selection to Impact

1. Fellows who clear our selection process come to our office in Kochi and start a 12-month learning by doing, immersive problem-solving programme to make them impact ready.
2. The curriculum focuses on improving day-to-day operations ease for NGOs, Data & Insights, etc. Free & Open Source Software is a priority. Fellows will be required to travel to the field to understand the NGOs work better through immersion and spending time with the communities they work with
3. After successful completion of fellowship, they will graduate to aikyam partners as full time staff (remuneration will depend on competence, culture) and will work directly with different grassroots & small NGOs. They will have the unique opportunity to work with different partner NGOs across the country on challenging projects.
4. We are committed to providing a psychologically safe space for aikyam fellows, aikyam partners through ongoing peer learning, mentoring.

Our Trainers

Shemeer Babu


Shemeer is obsessed with tech for social good and has 12+ years of experience in leadership, design thinking and impact technology.


Deepali Kulkarni


Deepali is passionate about projects where technology is used for the greater good. She guides us with her leadership and mentoring.


Sumi Thomas

Aikyam Fellow '23

A journalism graduate with an entrepreneurial background in media and branding, Sumi helps NGOs tell their stories for greater impact.


Our Pillars of support

We are grateful for the community's support

ㅤOur Volunteers & Mentors have always been there for Fellows & Change makers

Vinay (Zerodha)

Mentor to Aikyam Fellows, Trainers on Frappe


Ananya (She Loves Tech)

Mentor & Friend to Aikyam Fellows


Gopi (

Mentor on AI ML


Ananya (Uber)

Volunteer on Design & UI


Cyril (TinkerHub)

Volunteer on AI ML


Rohit (CUSAT)

Volunteer on Backend, DevOps


Varsha Shaheen (CUSAT)

Volunteer on Backend, DevOps


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