Journey of Growth: My Time at Sajhe Sapne

A transformative journey at Sajhe Sapne, an NGO in Himachal Pradesh, led to mastering Frontend Development, expressing gratitude to mentors, and succeeding in a fulfilling internship, showcasing sign

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Have you ever been to a place where they help you follow your dreams, improve your skills, and make lots of friends? That's what happened to me at Sajhe Sapne in Himachal Pradesh. It's a non-profit organisation that empowers rural women. My experience there was amazing and changed me in many ways.

When I first heard about Sajhe Sapne, I didn't know what an NGO was. My sister explained that it's a group that helps people. So, I decided to check it out. On my first visit, I was excited and nervous to meet new people. I met a few girls at first, but soon, the whole Sajhe Sapne family, including the founder Surabhi di and my mentor Ekta Rughuvanshi, welcomed me warmly.

This organisation helps rural women who want to work in offices and use technology, but face challenges due to limited resources. After a week, we had a test to choose our courses. The options were:

  1. Frontend Development
  2. Math Education
  3. Rural Development and Management

Even though I had second thoughts, my mentor advised me to stick with Frontend Development, and I'm really glad I did.

Life at Sajhe Sapne wasn't just about courses, it was a complete experience. We learned career-oriented skills, like writing professional emails, and even had fun workshops. English classes, games, and activities kept us engaged, turning each day into a learning adventure.

One memorable session focused on self-learning and exploring topics like self and society. We had dance, song, role-play, and dialogue-building during break times, making every moment enjoyable. The support system among friends was incredible; we shared our joys and sorrows, creating bonds that I still cherish.

As the days went by, I ventured into programming, starting with Python and gradually mastering HTML and CSS. The satisfaction of creating my first webpage was amazing. I even used my new skills during a remote internship as a Frontend Developer at Aircampus, working on projects like a word dictionary and a country search app.

During my internship, the campus was quieter, but the spirit of togetherness persisted. I felt fortunate to be part of such a supportive community. Discovering Sajhe Sapne and being awarded this fellowship was the culmination of a journey filled with learning, growth, and newfound skills.

One special place for me was the library. It became my peaceful haven for focused work and also witnessed celebrations of birthdays and festivals. In those moments, we weren't just colleagues, we were family. The term "Sapnewaliya" wasn't just a name, it became something that motivated us and made us proud.

Weekends weren't only for relaxation; they were for outings and campus cleaning. Each session, workshop, or project presentation was followed by a "glow and grow" session, where we gave and received constructive feedback.

Reflecting on my learning journey, one assignment that stands out is the "Kaun Banega Karod Pati" project. Spending more than 15 days on it taught me the intricacies of working on a project and considering user perspectives effectively. I want to express my gratitude to Kunal Bhaiya(Mentor) for teaching me technical skills and providing constant support when I was struggling. Whenever I faced errors, he was there to help me navigate through them. I truly appreciate his guidance and assistance.

Transitioning into an internship brought its own set of challenges and triumphs. Despite coming from a non-tech background, I successfully completed seven projects and five responsive pages using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. From creating a To-Do app with progress tracking to a basic calculator, the experience enhanced not only my technical skills but also my abilities in time management and teamwork.

As I pen down these reflections, I can't help but express gratitude for the incredible journey at Sajhe Sapne. From being a novice to confidently navigating the tech landscape, the experience has been transformative. I hope my story inspires others, especially those from non-tech backgrounds, to embrace challenges, learn, and grow.

Here's to the next chapter in the journey of turning dreams into reality.

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Arushi 5 months ago

Megha maza aa gaya padh ke !! Bahut si yadein taza ho gayi!! So so grateful ki tumne blog likha or mujhe padhne ka moka mila! So proud of you ❤️🫶

Rubina 5 months ago

Proud of you Megha This blog is amazing, I enjoyed reading it and I am grateful to be a small part of your world:))

Ekta Raghuwanshi 5 months ago

A very thoughtful reflection, Megha. You've been hardworking since the beginning of the program. Keep up the efforts, way more to go :))

Ragini Kumari 5 months ago

🫶🏻❤️‍🩹 we all love u Megha 😊 Good job 👍