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HackFake hackathon was an inspiring two-day event organized by the TinkerHub Foundation in collaboration with Citizen Digital Foundation (CDF) to address the rampant spread of fake and harmful news.

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HackFake brought together a diverse group of developers, designers, and media students, all united by a common goal – to combat the issue of fake and/or harmful news through innovation and technology.

The central challenge of the hackathon was clear: develop a software solution that effectively tackles the problem of fake news by seeing the AI model’s prediction of the news input provided. With the rise of misinformation in today's digital age, the need for creative and technological interventions has never been more apparent.

What struck me from the beginning was the collaborative spirit that followed the entire event. Teams formed organically, blending different skill sets and perspectives to create an environment to address the multifaceted problem at hand.

One of the highlights of the hackathon was witnessing the creation and training of a model designed to detect fake news, hate speech, and other harmful content. The fusion of technical expertise and creative thinking was evident as teams worked tirelessly to develop a software product capable of discerning the authenticity of news articles.

With the machine learning team guided by Gopi, Abhijith, and Cyril, the backend team led by Swalah, and Nidhi and Akash with the media team, the hackathon provided a valuable learning experience for everyone involved. From mastering the intricacies of machine learning models to media literacy, participants were immersed in a learning environment. Workshops conducted by industry experts from the Mathrubhumi team added an extra layer of insight, enhancing our understanding of the broader implications of combating fake news.

The HackFake hackathon was a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and community-driven solutions. The experience has fueled my belief in the impact that individuals can have when they come together to address pressing issues in our society. TinkerHub has never failed in setting the example and being a driving force for change.

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