From Balance Sheet to Bugs: My Journey To Tech

From online tutorials to coding as a hobby, my growing fascination prompted a career decision. Reflecting on my transition from a finance student to a software developer.

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In my second year of college, I took an unexpected yet thrilling dive into the world of technology. My journey in tech began with delving into tutorials and documentation I found online, I engaged in coding as a side pursuit. However, it didn't take long for me to recognize that a substantial part of my time was being dedicated to this. This realization led me to a decision - I wanted to pursue a career in tech.

My initial exposure to tech was limited to just learning software development concepts. The turning point came when I got involved with TinkerHub, thanks to a friend studying engineering. Little did I know that this connection would lead me to a meaningful career in the impact sector. When I discovered the TinkerHub Learning Facilitators Programme (TLF) on Instagram, I saw an opportunity to learn as well as contribute. 

During the TLF onboarding, I was encouraged to explore further and applied for the Career Development Programme (CDP). Career mentors like Lakshmi and technical mentor Nazim Sha guided me through resume creation, and interview processes, and provided insights into optimising my GitHub profile. Laya from the employability vertical played a pivotal role in the entire process.

This led me to my current role as a fellow at aikyam fellows, then T4G Impact Tech Foundation, an organization dedicated to leveraging technology for positive social impact.

It was after becoming a part of aikyam Fellows that I truly understood the problems we could address and the positive influence we could create by leveraging technology as an enabler. 

Our efforts extend to working closely with NGOs, including Tycia Foundation, Citizen Digital Foundation, Zenith, and others, each committed to tackling an array of social challenges. aikyam fellows has not only broadened my perspective on the potential of technology but also provided me with a platform to actively contribute to meaningful initiatives in the social sector. As I continue to grow in this dynamic field, I'm excited about the endless possibilities we can collectively bring to the world through technology.

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