FOSS Toolkit

A directory to support OASIS - Open-source Alliance for Social Innovation & Sustainability, Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), Frameworks, Showcases to help change makers leverage technology to amplify their impact.

Tech Solutions

Citizen Digital Foundation

CDF aims to equip societies to tackle issues of online safety and mis/disinformation through digital & media literacy initiatives. Aikyam helped them customize their Learning Management System as well as fine-tune their website.

Community Engagement

Prototype- Block by Block Platform

The Block by Block platform enables local government block officials to collaborate with local change makers to co-create impact for the community. A high-fidelity prototype of the platform was built using the Frappe framework by Aikyam.

Community Engagement

Global Online Forum for Change-Makers

Tamuku is using Discourse on Amazon Web Services to build a vibrant online community that would collaborate on sharing knowledge and resources. Aikyam fellows helped them with the setup and thinking through different aspects of community needs. View more


Improved Market Visibility for Products by Tribal Farmers

Bastar Se Bazaar Tak works among tribal farmers, sourcing non-timber forest produce and converting these into high-quality products for urban consumers. Aikyam Fellows used Github Pages to create a website to market and popularise their products. View more

Community Engagement

Online Community Where NGOs Help Each Other

Guidestar India is using Discourse to build an online community where their 10,000+ NGO partners could seek and give help on various topics, with tagged and searchable posts. View more


Improved Discoverability & Visibility of Social Impact

Zenith works to empower marginalised communities in the socio-legal space. Aikyam Fellows supported Zenith with a ZERO cost website using Github pages. This helps them showcase their work and reach out to donors, volunteers.